At Green Olive Utility, we are not just limited to finding the best deal on your energy costs. Our close relationship with our customers allows us to step in and help you save time and money in a number of other areas. 
As you may be aware, recent government legislation has seen the partial deregulation of the water industry, increasing competition in the marketplace. If you are a business that uses a lot of water on a daily basis we can help you investigate the financial benefits of moving contracts. 
Speak to us to find out more about how we can help you carry out a water audit and potentially claim back any overpayments that may have occurred. 
Provide new employees with a mobile phone and improve communication between staff members with the right telecoms network. From a single broadband connection to the installation of complex systems, we will help you find the right solution for the right price. 
Waste Management 
Fulfil your legal obligations for waste management with advice and support from Green Olive Utility. With contacts on both a national and local level, we will assist you in gathering quotes and choosing a company that won’t let you down. 
Merchant Services 
With fewer people carrying cash as they shop; the right payment facilities can play an important role in delivering good customer service and securing a sale. Improve your profit margin with better rates, upgrade an old contract, or update to contactless card payments with a new card machine. 
1. I’ve heard a lot of talk about deregulation. What does this mean? 
The English government recently followed in the footsteps of our Scottish neighbours by triggering legislation to deregulate the water industry. This is encouraging greater competition in the marketplace, allowing business owners more control over where they purchase their water. 
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